Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Another label I used to receive newsletters from in the mid 90's was, Pussyfoot Records.
These sheets served up record information & gig updates in the main, and also came with a large portion of humour!
The top image shows a bundle of their A4 newsletters, mostly from around the 1996/97 period.
I've chosen one at random just to give you a better idea of the content, the example above dated 1997. On one side it has news about forthcoming releases & live gig info, and on the other side it has their discography.
One of the albums that gets a mention is an LP that was to be released in April that year - a compilation of Japanese acts called "Fish Smell Like Cat".
So to accompany the items, I found an ad for the album in an issue of Straight No Chaser magazine dated Spring '97 - and I have also put up my own double vinyl copy of the sleeve for you to see who is on it.

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