Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Opaz Productions appeared on the underground dance scene in 1992 when the release of Martine Girault's "Revival" went down a storm in the soul and jazz clubs.
The man behind this fresh sounding street soul production was, Ray Hayden, and it didn't take too long before his production skills became in demand around this early/mid 90's period.
The item at the top is a brief overview of the Opaz/Hayden discography that was published in Soul Vibe magazine in 1994.
Under it is a review of that very first Martine Girault single, "Revival", and this was in a summer issue of Check Dis magazine back in 1992.
Next up is a chart from Touch magazine that was published in December 1992 when they gave their list of the best records of the year, and as you can see, Revival is in amongst them.
Finally, I have accompanied the magazine items with my own 12 inch copy of the record.

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