Saturday, 22 February 2014


During the mid 90's period, I used to get regular newsletters from Dorado Records.
They consisted of record info, gig updates, merchandise offers and also included a variety of promotional items.
Above are some examples of their correspondence from the mid 90's I found tucked away in a folder at home.
The top image has a bundle of these A4 sized newsletters and they date from 1994-1997 mainly.
Under that is a sample of one I plucked out at random displaying the kind of information they supplied - and in this typical example dated April 1994, they have the lowdown on new releases by Outside and The Brooklyn Funk Essentials, as well as a mention about Dorado's 3rd compilation album. Then there are live gig dates for Outside and D*Note, plus word about Dorado merchandise and back catalogue.
Next are 2 promo items for the same product, namely, a postcard and sticker advertising a Dorado compilation CD called "Fine Gold" which came out in 1996.
Underneath them is a promo postcard for the 1995 Jhelisa album "Galactica Rush" and on the flip side there is also mention of a performance taking place at Glastonbury.
Following that is a promo postcard for the Outside album called "The Rough & The Smooth", released in July 1995. Again, on the other side of the card, it has word about a gig by Outside at Glastonbury's jazz stage.
Next up is a promo tear-off postcard featuring a new single by D*Note called "Waiting Hopefully" which came out in June 1997, and if you returned the self addressed side of it, the first 10 replies got a free VHS tape recording of D*Note's short film titled "Coming Down".
The big silver promo sticker is for an act called Project 23 who I recall were a kind of experimental jazzy drum & bass crew.
The gold flyer is for a Dorado showcase gig that took place at The Astoria in London in April 1995 and featured the likes of, Jhelisa, D*Note, Outside, Slowly, Cool Breeze and A.P.E.
The Dorado discography overview underneath the flyer is not from the Dorado newsletter supplies, but was actually published in Birmingham's "Vibe" magazine back in 1993. Then a couple of years later in 1995, Mixmag did a brief overview of Dorado, which is where the final item is from.
So to accompany all this Dorado stuff, I thought I'd put up an LP out of my own collection, an album that gets a mention in the above items - their compilation number 3 which was released in 1994, and by the looks of the grubby paw marks on the cover, I must have dipped into it quite a lot back then!

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