Saturday, 16 February 2013


The last of the magazines I have going under the title of "Vibe" is this one on top which came out of Dundee in Scotland.
It started up in 2002 and was distributed around Scotland only when the first few issues went to print, however, the issue I have on display here is from when they decided to launch the magazine nationally in 2003 and was made available throughout the UK.
It turned out to be a fairly short lived venture though, because in 2004 it was transformed into "Clash" magazine and that one has been going ever since.
The content of Vibe consisted of trendy youth culture kind of stuff - fashion, computer gaming, street sports and such like, but in the main it focused on music with band profiles, gig updates and record reviews.
I selected one such album review from the above issue as an example - this being a classy compilation released on Ubiquity called "Rewind Vol 2" - with my CD copy to go along with it.

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