Saturday, 23 February 2013


One of the items that appeared in the very first issue of On The One magazine in 1994 was a feature about the Soulciety scene in Hamburg, Germany.
It was started up by Michael Kirsch & Emu Von Gerkan with Gotz Buehler becoming involved shortly afterwards.
Soulciety had the Soulkitchen/Soulution Club operating in Hamburg as well as running their own record label.
The top image is a photo taken in the Soulution Club and has a playlist inserted showing the kind of sounds that were going down at the club at the time.
Underneath it are 2 Soulciety compilation albums I have in my collection going under the title of "The Soulciety Funky Family" - the red cover is dated 1992 and the green one is from 1993.

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