Sunday, 17 February 2013


The image of the "Echoes" on top goes back to 1987 when it was published as a weekly newspaper.
It was always loaded with news about the latest releases so was a great way to keep one step ahead of the monthly magazines. It also managed to keep up with all the passing fads and latest trends that were doing the biz on the dancefloors.
Nowadays, although Echoes is still in circulation, it is no longer in its weekly newsprint format but has changed instead to being a monthly magazine.
There were a variety of record charts in each issue, a different one for each separate genre - soul, techno, hip hop, reggae and so on, but the one I've chosen above comes from a 1991 issue and was part of an article about Joey Beltram. As you can see, Joey didn't have any trouble adding his own release that was out at the time, "The Omen", to his top 10 list!
And I've taken my 12 inch copy of it out from my shelves of vinyl to accompany it.

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