Saturday, 16 August 2014


The ad at the top comes from Japanese magazine, Bar-F-Out, and is dated December 1993.
There is the mention of 2 EP's on it - "Jazz Com Bossa" which I've already featured in an earlier post, and "Jazz Powers" which is the one I'm featuring here.
The EP crops up a little later in Europe, with it making the mail order list of Fat City Records in Manchester, this ad dating from spring 1994 and published in Straight No Chaser magazine.
Also from spring '94 and the same issue of SNC is a playlist for Groove Attack in Germany, with Jazz Powers included in the chart.
The 12 inch copy of the EP is from my shelves at home and is actually a various artists release with 4 different acts on it. They are all Japanese acts and are as follows...
Cycle "Quiet Blue"
Little Big Bee "Sunshine"
Cub "Drive"
Hot Juice "Who Made You Believe So?"
The vinyl was released on the Typhoon label.

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