Sunday, 10 August 2014


The Dorado ad at the top comes from an issue of Check Dis magazine dated summer 1992, and one of the records featured on it is a single called "Impressions" by Giant Step NYC.
Underneath the ad is a review of the single that was in the same issue of Check Dis.
Meanwhile, in a summer '92 issue of Straight No Chaser magazine , they also had a review of the single along with a chart compiled by Hamburg's BeatBox crew in Germany, and featured on the playlist is the Giant Step NYC track.
Below those items is another chart, this time from a September 1992 issue of DJ magazine, and on this playlist (which was compiled by Mike Scott in Scotland) not only does it have the Giant Step NYC single but it also has the other track mentioned in the Dorado ad, "Devil Of Cruelty" by Circle In The Round.
Finally, I have accompanied the mag items with my 12 inch copy of the Giant Step NYC single.

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