Wednesday, 2 April 2014


A few bits & pieces relating to Warp record label...
The item at the top dates back to 1995 and is a brief overview of Warp that was published in Mixmag.
Forward-wind 11 years to 2006 and now a book is published about them, so needless to say this goes into more detail dealing with the history of the label, the acts, the artwork and includes a full discography.
I have quite a number of Warp records at home so have opted to focus on 2 which were released either end of the 90's.
First is the excellent "Aftermath" single by Nightmares On Wax which came out in 1990 - so along with my vinyl copy, I have supplied a House Chart that was published in Echoes music paper the same year, compiled by Zoom Records in London and featuring "Aftermath".
In 1999, Milesahead magazine published the above record review which contained 3 Warp releases - "Classics 89-92", "Remixes" and "Influences" - and I have chosen my "Remixes" CD to accompany the item.

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