Sunday, 6 April 2014


I used Hot Biscuit Records mail order service quite a lot around the early/mid 90's period. They supplied regular newsletter updates containing jazz, funk and soul grooves, a variety of which I ended up buying.
The top item is one of their ads that was published in a 1991 issue of Straight No Chaser magazine.
Under it, is a review of the Hot Biscuit mail order service which was published in Birmingham Vibe magazine in 1994, when they ran a special feature on some of the mail order outlets that were available at the time.
A couple of examples of the kind of rarities I purchased from Hot Biscuit are the 2 LP's above - first is a bootleg/white label job called "Seven Sought After Tracks", a compilation of hard to find jazz, funk and Brazilian grooves that would cost a fortune if you bought copies of the originals.
The second album is along the same lines but was released on Resolution Records in 1994. Called "Darker Than Blue - Vol 1", it too was a compilation of rare & retro jazz, soul and funk grooves that were doing the biz on the dancefloor back then.

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