Friday, 13 December 2013


The item at the top was published in DJ Mag in May 1992 when Nervous Records had only been on the go for a few months, but even with such an early overview of the New York label as this, they had already achieved cult status on the underground dance scene.
Underneath that are 2 stickers from DJ Mag dating from 1992 and are a couple of variations of the Nervous logo.
Next up, from an October 1992 DJ Mag, is an ad for a compilation of Nervous tracks that was released on React.
Following that is an ad for Nervous t-shirts that also comes from a DJ Mag dated '92.
The next ad was published in Underground News in 1994 and highlights the Nervous Records stablemates - namely, Wreck, Weeded and Sorted.
Finally, we end as we started, with another overview of the label's output but this time from 1995 when Nervous were well established, and not just for their house tracks but hip hop, jazzy grooves, techno and suchlike as well. This particular article is from a 1995 issue of Mixmag.

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