Tuesday, 10 December 2013


A few bits & pieces from the 90's based around Eightball Records, the jazzy house label from New York.
The top item is a brief general overview of the label's output and was published in Mixmag in 1995.
Under it is the oldest item in the bundle which dates from 1991 and is an ad that appeared in Sidewinder magazine.
Next up are 2 ads from Underground News magazine with the one for the shop dated 1993 and the one with the summer collection dated 1994.
Following those are 2 ads from Straight No Chaser magazine - the one with the record sleeves is from 1994 and the other with the clothing merchandise is dated 1995.
The 2 stickers featuring variations on the Eightball logo are from DJ magazine and date from the early/mid 90's.
Underneath the stickers are 2 items that cropped up in a 1993 issue of Wire magazine - one is a competition to win an Eightball compilation album, and the other is a review of the album.
Finally, I have plucked out the very album from my own collection - the full title of the compilation being "Eightball Records Present Jazz Not Jazz" and from that you can conclude that it contains a fine set of jazz-house grooves.

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