Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I mentioned the Wag in the passing on yesterday's post, so I thought I'd be as well to give the club a mention here as I have a few bits & pieces on it.
The photo at the top of the pile was taken by my brother in 1987.
The ad under it is from an issue of Soul Underground magazine dated 1988 and was for an Easter / Kiss FM event.
Next, also from 1988, is a flyer for an end of the year party.
Following that are some small ads displaying typical midweek action at the club - the Monday one is from the music paper, Check Dis, dated 1992 and is for a hip hop / rare groove night called Mutherland. The other 2 are from a 1994 issue of The Ticket magazine and are for Bombay Jungle and Leave My Wife Alone, with a wide variety of music styles being played.
Although the club catered for just about every type of music that cropped up on the underground dance scene over the years, it had a particularly strong bond with Acid Jazz and the item under the small ads actually comes from an issue of Acid Jazz News dated 1994 featuring a photo gallery taken at one of their Leave My Wife Alone nights, capturing a mixture of clubbers & celebs, with Big Cheese Allstars the band on stage.
Finally, and keeping the jazz scene going - in the mid 1980's, UK band, Working Week, made a promo video at the Wag for their single "Venceremos (We Will Win), which was directed by Julian Temple incidentally. This vid ended up on a VHS compilation tape made by NME called "Video Bongo". It just so happens I have an original of this at home and a few years ago I converted it into DVD format. So the last item above are 3 screenshots taken from the Working Week video showing the exterior & interior of the Wag being put to good use.
2o years the Wag lasted - from 1981 to 2001.

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