Saturday, 24 August 2013


In the mid 1990's, I used to get newsletters from Dorado Records containing information about new releases, gig updates and other related stuff.
In 1995, they started up a subsidiary label called Filter, which was more for experimental kind of material, and so once that was up & running, details about Filter became a regular part of Dorado's newsletter content.
The top 2 items above are an example of the sort of thing Dorado would include with their updates - the first being a review of a compilation called "Filter - Killing Music" - plus a few other bits & pieces in there about the label.
The second item is a page of Filter merchandise available via mail order.
Underneath that are 3 promo stickers - one for the "Filter - Killing Music" album, another with the Filter logo and the green one with details about a single they released by The Fire This Time called "At Least American Indian People Know Exactly How They've Been Fucked Around" - kinda catchy!
Lastly, I have put up the "Filter - Killing Music" CD from my own collection showing the acts & details that appear on the cover. This was released in 1996.
Incidentally, the illustration on the album sticker was done by graphic artist supremo, Ian Wright, although I'm not sure if he also did the "F" logo design.

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