Saturday, 13 September 2014


The item at the top is an ad that appeared in Japanese magazine, Bar-F-Out, back in winter 1993.
It's for the debut album by Audio Active - the LP shown in the ad being the available in Japan only version.
The Soundclash DJ's at The Gallery in Leeds, however, managed to get hold of this version of the album in early '94 as it crops up in their playlist which was published in Straight No Chaser magazine in Spring 1994.
Later in 1994 the UK version also came out, and that's the one I got, and so have featured my vinyl copy to accompany the mag items.
It has a different cover and as well as a fuller title - "We Are Audio Active, Tokyo Space Cowboys".
The UK version has almost the same track listing as its Japanese counterpart, with only a couple of changes.
The Japanese release came out on Alfa/On-U Sound, the recording made in both Alfa Studios in Tokyo and On-U Sound in London.
As with all On-U Sound records, it was produced by Adrian Sherwood (apart from track 6) and featured some On-U's guests on backing, such as Bim Sherman, Doug Wimbish, Skip McDonald etc, but in the main, Audio Active manage to stamp their own sound.

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